Find and Seek: About

  • Q: How is Find and Seek different from standard search engines?
  • A: Find and Seek isn't a search enginer per se, but is rather a search aggregator. It is specifically designed to locate products from a myriad of unique regional, national and international sources.

  • Q: Why should I use it?
  • A: Have you ever looked for but failed to find a specific item for sale? An out of print book? An old record? A part for a classic car? Any other form of vintage, collectible, rare or obscure item? Perhaps you looked on Google and eBay, but didn't find what you were looking for. In addition to searching the usual suspects (eBay, Craig's List, etc.), Find and Seek scoures numerous regional and genre specific forums and classified web sites to find just what you're after.

  • Q: I'm still not convinced. Google is sufficient for everything else, why shouldn't I use it to find unique items too?
  • A: Given the volatile and temporary nature of online classified advertisements and auctions, most search engines (including Google) simply don't have the resources to provide a current, real-time view of what's potentially available right now, today, this hour. Additionally, by separately requesting that you provide brand, model, part, descriptive and genre information, Find and Seek is able to perform searches using multiple combinations of operators and booleans that may uncover a poorly listed item that a less thorough search may have missed.

  • Q: What does using Find and Seek cost?
  • A: Nothing! Single, real-time queries are free of charge. Scheduled, recurring searches offering real-time, automated notification are available for a nominal fee.

  • Q: Isn't your name backwards? Don't you seek, then find?
  • A: The name Find and Seek is intended to be a play on words of the popular game "Hide and Seek" :).
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